There are no prerequisites for attending the course.


(it is possible to easily create reality, consciously, desired) The course is suitable for everyone, scientific minds, intuitive minds, beginners and experienced alternative. On the course, you can easily acquire the skill of encouraging the creation of a new consciously desired state and circumstance and create a consciously desired new one… Complicated things are explained in simple vocabulary to people who touch a certain issue for the first time, as if you were watching a documentary. At the same time, experienced practitioners of various techniques can easily master another way of working on themselves and others and solving problems, and gain a deeper insight into the fabric of the universe and improve and enrich work on themselves and others. The method is energetic. It takes a little concentration, understanding and practice and it all works.

The course lasts 2 days. From 9 am to 5 pm. If necessary and with the agreement of all participants, it can last longer if the need arises. The instructor of the course is the founder of the Creation method, Tomislav Gunjača.

The first day is a detailed theory for understanding, with concentration exercises and the process of preparing for work with interesting exercises, illustrations and a “cinema program”.

The second day is a lot of practice with a minimum of theory, discussion of possible ambiguities, filling gaps in understanding… Work on yourself and others.

All participants will receive manuals with expanded texts and at the end of the course a certificate of attendance. Exercises are individual and in pairs.

The address of the event in Zagreb is Ludinska 10

There are no deposits in Zagreb.

Register for the course: APPLICATION FORM

Register at least 48 hours before the course.


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