Anyone interested in a course in their city can contact me. When we agree about the term you can start to organize the course.

Here is more about it:

  • As an organizer / host, you are responsible for finding the area where the course will be held (on request you can get more information on the appropriate space). You are the contact person for the course and you need to promptly respond to all queries. You charge for the course (non-refundable) deposit to all registered persons (according to local customs). This money is used to pay the cost of the course (space, advertising, refreshments on the course, printing manuals, certificates, interpreter, manual translating if needed (we have English manual), transfer from and to airport (me & escort (usually my wife)… The rest remains as compensation for your time spent and effort.
  • Those who come from afar in your city need to be given a description and a list of possible accommodation.
  • I reserve the right to approve free attendance rate for one or more people, I accept suggestions but reserve the right to decide who will be on the course free of charge.
  • Minimum number of participants required that the course was held, depending on the agreement between you and me, 20 is usual min. number. That number does not include you or your companions or students who will attend free of charge.
  • The term of the course to be determined 2 months in advance so that everyone have enough time to organize. If I will be informed a person interested in a course in your area, I’ll send it to you. In the case of available free time and the sufficient number of interested deadline of 2 months is not needed.
  • In case of multiple classes in row (different places), you need to organize transport between classes (for me and my spouse).
  • Of corse as my host you need to find accommodation for me and my companion, as close to class venue as possible, and organize transfer to and from seminar.
  • In the case of a large number of applications it is possible to need a microphone and speakers. For courses outside Croatian or English-speaking students it is necessary to provide simultaneous interpretation and translation of materials for the course (in advance). Existing manuals languages are: Croatian and English.
  • Needed! ability to connect laptops to a larger TV set or projector, I have videos and screen data on USB stick.
  • Due to the different eating habits of the participants, is the proximity of desirable objects with different meals (lunch break lasts 60 minutes).
  • The course is to be paid on the day of the course 45 minutes before the start of the course, only cash. It is necessary to arrange a place for the payment of the entrance area, or do that in advance before day of class. The course can be paid in advance through PayPal – link is created for every seminar and you will receive it so you can give it to students on time.
  • Parking availability and location are important for students.
  • The venue for the course is required silence and peace. Do not organize courses near the construction site and similar noisy places.
  • Do not organize course during major events in your city.
  • A common practice in hotels and larger centers is that the organizer has free accommodation if a sufficient number of people staying in the hotel where the course is held, so please note it if possible.

For more information, please contact me via e-mail // or by phone (Viber, WhatsApp) +385 91 23 358 86

We have to sign necessary paperwork that you and I are obligated to adhere to agreed.