What do the participants say about the CREATING method and seminars:

The course is quite interesting to me, from theory to practice. I was especially helped by the instructor’s “discussion” with the participants when asking questions and solving problems. I felt comfortable, safe, positive. The course is simple, the knowledge we can acquire is widely applicable and certainly has great potential as an opportunity to rethink the way of thinking with practice and create everyday life without effort. I can’t wait for course 02.
Martina Večerić

The theme of the creation is great. For me the String theory is the best part of the course, but also the process itself which is simple, in fact the fact that it encourages, develops the creation of universal energy. The instructor is open to discussion, questions and answers, clarifications, leaves no ambiguity. From this position where I am now I would not change anything on the course. So far, in a way, I have not dared to create so much, for me this course is an incentive for conscious creation. I thought that first you have to clean up to create, in fact the course explained to me that I can play (which I love) and surround myself with beautiful feelings and allow myself to fantasize, create, create and that’s a good incentive. Throughout the course, I was comfortable, connecting easily. This technique was needed and I believe that it will attract everyone who wants to create and create without the burden, without the burden of the past and digging – simply create! It is nice when the consciousness of people (souls) awakens how powerful they are, specialy it is a nice feeling to be a part of all that and therefore only forward because these are potentials that should, in my opinion, be used more.
Martina Brundula

The best thing for me is systematic approach in the course, a complete explanation and introduction to getting in direct contact with creative energy. The lecturer is pleasant, approachable and accommodating, willing to answer all inquiries. A friend invited me to the seminar and although we were not familiar with the content of the course, I gladly responded in order to further improve my work on myself. I think that a lot of effort has been invested in the preparation of the course with a sincere desire to pass on the knowledge to others, which is very noble and praiseworthy. I would like to express my great gratitude to the hosts for the new knowledge and exceptional hospitality.
Andrej Svilar

Every moment of the course is different, special and the best. That’s it! Recommendations!
Biljana Bjelajac

In the course, it is best for me to focus on conscious work on myself, on the conscious part and opening the possibilities that it offers, as well as opening new perspectives on how to approach it. The course opens up the potential we already carry within us to make our lives better and offers concrete ways to do something to change what we are not happy with in life. And we can do that, for a start, from the comfort of our couch.
Ivan Đuričić

Meditation, merging is best. Since the course is an introduction to the CREATING method, the dose of learning is quite good. As someone who didn’t go through any courses but did read and work on myself I can say that I got new insights and details on how and what to do about creation, desires and what I really want. And what to watch out for during the process.
Darko Pap

For me best part are videos (they are motivating), practical work (easy and pleasant), lecture (well explained). I felt extremely comfortable on the course. The name of the course arouses curiosity. It is useful and I can apply everything I have learned in the future. It is well organized (duration, breaks, relationship of lectures and practical work). Everything is well explained and shown. Interestingly both days and both days passed in a pleasant atmosphere.
Valentina Cvar

The course is great. For me personally, it started long before the very beginning. Learning a scientific work was the most useful because it gives the opportunity to deceive the ego, which from time to time tells us that something cannot be done or that it is difficult. The knowledge that we have received, we all mostly know from before, only simplified into a whole of ease. Connecting with the energy of creation becomes simple and easy and although many of us learn through other teachers, books, documentaries that it exists and works. Tomislav teach us about the simplicity and ease of connecting that it is a part of us, our nature and that it belongs to us… Personally, I don’t have the best part, the whole experience was a fantastic journey, from company, comfort, learning and practice. A recommendation for every individual who wants to make a better quality of life for themselves. I can’t wait for part 2.
Iva Kolačarić

Very nice space, atmosphere, ambience. On the course my best parts are partice and watching movies 🙂 Wonderful experience, wonderful energy and unforgettable people 🙂
Maja Predović

Great space, the chairs were very comfortable to sit on, but it would have been great if we spread out the blankets after the meal (ha, ha). The best part of the course was working in pairs and other exercises such as reading objects in a bag and measuring the aura. Of course the theory has to be learned but the application of the theory itself is what attracted me the most. Since this is my first course, and I am absolutely thrilled, I have no objections. I think everything was exactly as it should be. I heard about the course from Tomislav, a lecturer. Since I am a person who needs explanations for why something is the way it is, this course was a great introduction to the world of energy, because it explains the material in a way that is close to me. The lecturer is great, but we already know that, otherwise we wouldn’t go to him for treatments. I personally really have no objections, from the theoretical part to the practice, lecturers, breaks, food and people there is nothing I would like to change. The course was very interesting and well set up. It’s great for me that people who have been dealing with energy for years and those who don’t have much knowledge yet can come to the course, and it gives everyone new insights. It opened my eyes to something I hadn’t thought possible a while ago. What proves that the course was great is the fact that new questions are constantly being created in my head, and I am constantly thinking about new things I have learned. I also gained some new insights about myself during the course. I am very glad to have come and look forward to the next course which I hope will be soon.
Sara Ivić Filipčić

Great space and atmosphere, garden ideal for socializing. It was best to practice creation (solo and in pairs). Guided conecting to energy is great for me. A friend told me about the course. And I’m curious. Interesting course, a lot of overlap with theta courses which confirms the relevance of the topic. Given the experience of the lecturers, the course gains in quality when the group is as large as this one, so more comments and questions are asked.
Tajana Posavec

I felt relaxed… like at home. For me, best on seminar is second perspective on the previously acquired knowledge through other techniques… the ease of creating my own life. I can’t wait for course number 02! I heard about the course over the internet, websites, and I was driven by an inner feeling and a need to learn something new.
Tomo is always great, relaxed and simple… the best !!!!
This is a great course… I’m looking forward to creating.
Željka Klaužer

The space is large and convenient because a lot of people can sit in a circle, which I think is essential for this type of course. Very relaxing atmosphere on the course… with meditation, dogs sneaking around, sleeping… The chairs are surprisingly comfortable at 8 hours of sitting. The best part of the course was right at the beginning – when we all introduced ourselves, and then tried to figure out who the item we pulled out of the bag belonged to. After that, I also felt a greater connection with everyone in the room. Of the videos, the first or second was the best for me – the one made like when they sit on benches in the movie Jurrassic Park and the video explains how they found Dinosaur DNA. It suited me to listen to what to concentrate on when entering meditation (breaths, body, air, house, universe…). I missed that a bit in the last meditation, so it was harder for me to get into meditation, I guess because I’m an amateur for it 🙂 Furthermore, I think a little more video material would suit me because I’m personally used to absorbing information that way. The host has a super relaxing voice. The examples and personal stories and experiences he cited are interesting and funny, and create a sense of greater relaxation and confidence. The course was great – new knowledge, lots of personal examples, meditation, coffee, lunch… what’s not to like! 🙂 The course brings together very interesting people from all areas and this gives another quality to the course itself. After the course I was more relaxed than after two weeks of vacation! Goran Mamula

The space is phenomenal and best seminar parts are guided meditations merging with the energy of creation. I felt very comfortable all the time. The course is great, a crumb of more practical work, practice. Everyone who wants to cleanse their own conscious and unconscious thoughts and live healthier and better with them in synergy – this is the right course for them.
Marko Juraga

The armchair is great. The best discussion is how to create, and breaks for the “Medica” I brought. I felt totally comfortable. An interesting and simple approach to creation, now I often use it in practice. I realized that it was important to set specific goals to let it happen without controlling the path.
Alen Kovačević

The first result of the course is HRK 25,000.00 in my life in an unforeseen way! Super!
Lana Blaće

I got everything, and more than I expected. The best part for me is the discussion. This course is something we all could hardly wait for deep inside, maybe we weren’t even aware of what had happened!
Martina Hrkovac

A simple technique that the instructor simply explains, from the theoretical to the practical part. With examples of instructors and my own confirmation during the practical work on the course, I was convinced of how effective, successful and easy the technique is.
Matija Đuričić

Group creation is great.
Tea Excess

In the fog of collective consciousness, this is a real beacon for personal power, happiness, consciousness …
Sunčica Kužilek-Pistotnik

This should be taught in high school.
Milena Žganjer

I learned a lot. I feel that everything will be easier for me after this course.
Tajana Mamula

This Creating course is exactly what I needed and at the right time.
Vanja Vuckovic

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